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The attorneys at the L. Clayton Burgess law firm have a vast experience in representing all types of car accident cases. They possess exceptional negotiating skills and can tackle any insurance company to recover the maximum amount of compensation. Our Gulfport car accident lawyer is responsible and fights dedicatedly to get you the justice you deserve.

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    These days, car accidents have increased at an alarming rate in the United States. Accidents are unfortunate and often tend to get complicated. If you are injured in a car wreck, it’s crucial to consult a car accident lawyer in Gulfport for guidance. 

    Types of Car Accident Injuries

    Car accidents can occur anywhere – in traffic, by lanes, neighborhood, or even at the parking lot. It’s unfortunate and dreadful. We represent victims of all types of accidents, including:


    Rollover: The study report of NHTSA showed that around 80% of single side crashes are due to a vehicle rollover. These accidents are disastrous and complicated and caused by:


    • Over speeding
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Distracted driving
    • Harsh conditions of roads and weather


    Single side Accident: One vehicle accidents are mainly caused due to:


    • Road collisions
    • Animal collision
    • Roadside debris
    • Rollover


    Rear-End Collision: Such accidents often lead to severe fatalities. Rear-end collision mainly occur because of:


    • Distracted driving
    • Tailgating
    • Sudden halts


    Side Impact Collision: Also known as T Bone Collision where the side of the vehicle gets damaged due to the collision


    Head-On Collision: When the front ends of two vehicles crash against each other in opposite directions, it leads to head-on collisions.

    Advantages of Appointing a Car Accident Lawyer in Gulfport

    There are several benefits of working with proficient lawyers. A professional car accident lawyer in Gulfport takes a unique approach to tackle accident cases. He/she:

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      What Must You Do After a Car Accident?

      Our Yes, it’s possible to take immediate actions after an accident mainly because you would be in a state of shock. However, if you are seriously injured, there are a few steps you must follow:

      All the information, as mentioned earlier, plays a significant role in your case. Hence, you must collect and file the details accurately for future reference. 

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      L. Clayton Burgess is a reputed law firm in the country which is run by an exceptional team of legal professionals. They have decades of experience in handling all kinds of accident cases. From personal injury lawyer to trucking accident attorneys, you will find highly qualified attorneys all under the same roof waiting to serve you and recover your losses. So, don’t hesitate to call our Gulfport car accident attorney for assistance. Call now to book a FREE and confidential case evaluation with no obligation.

      Our experienced car accident lawyer in Gulfport, MS always ready to serve you with free legal consultation. We are just a call away from you, call at (877) 234-7573 and leave your worries on our Gulfport car accident attorney. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess is a leading Mississippi law firm for all kind of accidents and personal injury cases.

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