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The L. Clayton Burgess law firm has the finest legal professionals who can protect your civil rights. Since its inception, the firm has served countless clients and recovered millions for the victims. Our lawyers can help you get through all legal complications and secure compensation for all your damages. They thoroughly analyze a case to calculate the right compensation amount for your utmost benefit.

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    In the US, around six million car accidents occur annually, mostly due to human errors and negligence. Severe car accidents can have devastating effects on a victim’s life. Along with excruciating physical pain and suffering, it can bring a significant financial crisis. For someone who isn’t well versed with the law, it can get pretty stressful to recover a fair amount from the defense. That’s why you should seek proper legal assistance from an experienced car accident lawyer in Hazlehurst

    Factors Responsible For Car Accidents

    Various factors can lead to a car accident. The lawyers at L. Clayton Burgess represent victims of all types of car accidents with complete diligence. Some of the common types are:

    • Lane splitting: Sudden change of lane during driving and overtaking other vehicles can have severe impacts


    • Speeding: Rash driving and speeding can lead to fatal accidents


    • Drink and drive: Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs has been the primary cause of car accidents in the United States of America.


    • Inexperienced drivers: Amateur drivers often fail to follow the traffic signals which lead to severe accidents.


    • Harsh weather conditions: Continuous rain and snow can degrade the road conditions leading to deadly accidents.


    • Distracted driving: Texting, using a phone, eating, and the like can distract a driver and lead to sudden collisions.


    • Tire Blowouts: Improper maintenance of vehicles and worn out vehicle parts can lead to life-threatening accidents.


    • Sudden stops: Sudden halts in the middle of the road can lead to a rear-end collision which is dangerous for both the drivers. 

    Damages Caused Due To Fatal Car Crashes

    A car accident victim incurs several damages and injuries – both major and minor. Our car accident lawyer in Hazlehurst evaluates all the factors leading to injuries for calculating the right amount for your recovery. Some of the damages covered in the claim are:

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