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    These days, disputes in work fields have become common. Employees take the assistance of a workplace lawyer in Mississippi to resolve workplace disputes. A professional employment lawyer in Mississippi represents all kinds of workplace harassment cases, such as:

    Employment discrimination and wrongful termination:

    Our employment lawyers in Jackson MS have handled countless lawsuits based on the issues of harassments; un-noticed termination or even discrimination.

    Discrimination suits irrespective of employment:

    It isn’t always the employees who are plaintiffs, but anyone linked to business like customers, vendors, patients can file a suit. Our workplace lawyer in Jackson provides legal representation to all victims to have been denied their civil rights.

    Violations of the Wage law:

    When an employer fails to make proposed payments against the services of employees, it is treated as violating the Wage Law. Over-time charges also fall in this category.


    Violation against all the civil rights of a person is known as a tort. There are two categories of torts – intentional and unintentional. 

    • Negligence from a business owner or an employee can result in injuries or property damage. (Unintentional torts)
    • False arrest and wrongful eviction (Intentional torts)

    Contract breach

    An employer who fails to comply with the company’s terms and conditions is treated as the breach of contract. Our Workplace lawyer in Brookhaven plays a pivotal role in assisting employees to recover their losses depending on the nature of your case. 


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    Damages Recovered In an Employee Lawsuit

    Depending on the legal values of the lawsuit, the plaintiff is entitled to several losses like:

    Economic damages

    If the plaintiff is capable of providing evidence against discrimination or any harassment, he/she qualifies for monetary damages and other benefits. The compensation value depends on the salary of the employee. Pensions, Health insurance, stock options are also accountable. 

    You are also entitled to receive compensation for the incurred legal expenses.

    • Fees of attorneys
    • Cost of travelling to courts
    • Fees for filing out legal documents
    • Expenses of witnesses

    Our workplace lawyer in Hazlehurst fights tirelessly to recover all your damages of litigation and other fees from the defendant.

    Non-Economic damages

    • Emotional stress
    • Mental suffering
    • Frustrations

    The Discrimination lawyers in Mississippi from the L. Clayton Burgess law firm have years of experience in handling employment and workplace-related cases. They have successfully retrieved millions of dollars for their clients. 

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    If you are ill-treated at your workplace or terminated without any valid reason, you are legally eligible to assistance from an employment attorney in Jackson MS. Big companies have a team of attorneys to fight in favor of the company and its benefits.


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