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Recovering damages involves a lot of legal procedures and assessments. The lawyers at the L. Clayton Burgess law firm are at your service to assist you in the process.

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    Our Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help to Maximize Your Legal Claim

    Truck accidents are often catastrophic and leave a massive impact on the victim. In the US, a considerable number of trucking accident cases is reported annually. The aftermath of such accidents are devastating and often leave victims traumatized. The recovery phase gets painful and expensive, which is why victims should find ways to recover those damages. 


    Our experienced truck accident lawyer in Biloxi would be your ideal partner. He/she will conduct a thorough analysis of the case and make you understand whom to hold responsible and fight to get the recovery you deserve.



    Hire a Truck Accident Attorney for Legal Guidance

    The plaintiffs involved in an accident are usually not in the right mind to determine the faulty party. The Biloxi truck accident attorney at the L. Clayton Burgess law firm understands the need of the hour and takes every possible step to make sure you have a strong case in your favour. Truck accidents can happen due to various reasons, and it is the responsibility of our lawyers to analyze and resolve the criticalities on your behalf.

    Statute of Limitations of Truck Accident Cases

    As per Section 15-1-49 of Mississippi code, a victim must file a case within three years from the day of the accident. So, you see, you must know about the statute of limitations of your case. As it varies by states, you may not be aware of by when to file a lawsuit. Also, doing it on your own will be time-consuming. That’s why you need to hire our Biloxi truck accident lawyer to investigate and file a lawsuit abiding by the standard legal norms. 


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      Got A Settlement Offer From The Insurance Company? Call Us before Accepting

      All companies are profit-making organizations, insurance companies are no exception. If you get a call from your insurance company offering you an inadequate settlement amount, don’t be surprised. They take advantage of your mental state and financial crisis and manipulate you to accept the offer.


      But please understand that they want a quick settlement so that they don’t have to make a lump sum amount which you rightfully deserve. Always consult a Biloxi truck accident lawyer before you make or accept an offer.


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      At the L. Clayton Burgess law firm, our attorneys are always at your service. Accidents are sudden and leave a massive impact on the victim’s mind. We understand what you are going through and completely sympathize for your incurred loss and damages. Please don’t suffer in silence and allow us to fight for the justice you deserve. Our team is just a call away to provide you with the right legal assistance.

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