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Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. If you are a victim of a trucking accident, you have two options in hand. One, you can claim for the damages from the insurance companies by yourself and receive an inadequate amount, or consult a Truck accident lawyer in Brookhaven to get the right compensation.

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    When it is a trucking accident, things become a bit more complicated. Multiple parties own a trucking company. It’s one tricky job to identify the responsible party. You may not have access to the resources or legal knowledge required to conduct a diligent investigation for such accidents. But worry not as the truck accident lawyers in Brookhaven from the L. Clayton Burgess law firm are just a call away.



    We Dig Deep To Find Valid Evidence to Build Your Case

    A truck accident can be a result of various factors. It could be for the driver’s negligence, mechanical malfunction, or even due to rough roadways. So, if you are not well versed with the law and relevant cases, you won’t be able to understand whom to hold responsible for claiming the necessary compensations.

    That’s why the trucking accident lawyer in Brookhaven from the L. Clayton Burgess law firm is your definitive legal guide. All our lawyers are highly experienced at tackling various trucking accidents and have successfully recovered millions for the victims.

    Get the Compensation You Rightfully Deserve for Your Loss

    The most crucial part of any accidents is getting everything covered with the right compensation. But sometimes the process gets all the more difficult. For instance, if your truck accident involves an independent truck driver, you won’t be able to ask for compensation from any company as there’s no company involved.

    Such cases will increase your tension two-fold, only if you have not consulted the lawyers from the L. Clayton Burgess law firm. Our highly qualified lawyers have all professional expertise to look into the matter and get you what you deserve.

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      Learn More about the Statute of Limitations of Your Truck Accident Case

      A victim goes through an emotional turmoil post an accident. However, a victim must abide by the statute of limitations of the case. No matter how complicated an issue is, you must file for a claim within the deadline. The lawyers at L. Clayton Burgess are well-versed with all legalities and aware of the statute of limitations of filing various accident cases. We keep our client’s concern in mind and assess circumstances thoroughly to get them what they deserve as soon as possible.

      Don't Settle for an Inadequate Claim Amount

      An insurance company is a profit-making business. They adopt every means possible to reduce the claim amount. Only highly experienced lawyers have the expertise to tackle big insurance companies. So, don’t jeopardize your case by hiring a mediocre attorney. Consult our truck accident lawyer in Brookhaven for an in-depth evaluation of your damages so that you can file for the claim you rightfully deserve. 

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      At the L. Clayton Burgess law firm, we understand a client’s concern and provide all-round support to help victims recover from their mental condition trauma. We listen to you and make you a part of our team and keep you updated on the development of the case. With our truck accident lawyer in Brookhaven, you no longer have to worry about legal adversities. We are just a click or call away to help you out in getting proper justice. Call and book for a FREE evaluation for your case and to get an appropriate consultation from our senior trucking attorneys.

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