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Truck accidents are dangerous and can get fatal sometimes. In the US, over a million of trucking accidents are reported annually.

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    Majority of the victims of such accidents are passengers in other cars. Hence, it becomes crucial for the victim to recover compensation for all the damages caused.


    But how do you file a lawsuit when don’t have sufficient evidence? Don’t fret – the L. Clayton Burgess law firm is here to provide extensive legal assistance to all accident victims. Our experienced Gulfport truck accident attorney will analyze the case from every aspect and help you to build a strong case to recover maximum compensation.


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    Trucking accidents often victims traumatized and shell shocked. You may not be in the right mind frame to understand what you should do next. A Gulfport truck accident lawyer from the L. Clayton Burgess law firm understands the need for evaluating each detail before concluding. The lawyer has the ability and expertise to interrogate everyone involved in the accident and gather the necessary evidence. 

    Statute of Limitations

    Being involved in an accident or losing someone in an accident can leave you perplexed for days. Despite which you must understand that there’s a statute of limitations for every accident case. You may not be eligible to file a lawsuit or claim compensation if you miss the statute of limitations.


    A truck accident lawyer in Gulfport from the L. Clayton Burgess law firm will take up the responsibility on your behalf. As per Section 15-1-49 of the Mississippi code, you need to file a legal case within three years from the day of the accident. But since the statute of limitations varies by states, you must consult a professional. A lawyer is well aware of these facts and will be the right person to assist you. 

    Whom to Hold Responsible For the Accident?

    A truck accident can be the result of various reasons and often involves multiple parties. So, you need to understand all the aspects of the same before taking a legal step. Don’t file a lawsuit without consulting a lawyer. Our truck accident attorneys can help you identify the right cause and the liable party based on an intensive investigation. We help you investigate and gather evidence to determine the reason behind the accident like – was it for the driver’s negligence, the trucking company’s negligence, or mechanical error. 

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      Insurance companies try their best to minimize the settlement amount on behalf of their clients. You may not have the understanding of their legal terms and end up accepting something much lower than you deserve.


      Our experienced Gulfport accident lawyer can handle these companies and fight to get you the right compensation. All our attorneys’ exceptional negotiating skills and have a reputation for maximizing the claim amount for their clients. So, call us before accepting or rejecting any offer made by the insurance company. We are just a call away to guide you with the best legal advice.

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      We, at L. Clayton Burgess law firm, are always at your service with the top-ranked Gulfport truck accident attorneys to solve your problems. A trucking accident is much complicated than you can assume. You need proper legal guidance to get through the complexities. Wait no more, and the statute of limitations clock is ticking. Give us a call today to schedule a FREE case evaluation with our senior attorneys. 

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