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More than half a million trucking accident cases are reported each year in the US. Such accidents are often catastrophic where victims suffer life-altering injuries, or sometimes even die. It is the legal right of the victims to seek legal aid for the damages caused. However, the challenge of such accidents is that you do not know who the liable party is. And that’s where we come in to play.

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    The L. Clayton Burgess law firm is a reputed law office in the state that has helped thousands of truck accident victims over the years to get justice. We understand and deeply sympathize the emotional and financial stress a victim goes through. That’s why; our highly qualified and experienced truck accident lawyer in Hazlehurst is the partner you need to help you with all legal proceedings. 


    We Leave No Pages Unturned While Assessing a Case

    In general, a victim is not aware of the legal prerequisites before filing a case. We, at L. Clayton Burgess, understand your pain and what you deserve. Our trucking accident lawyer in Hazlehurst makes sure look into every detail from multiple aspects so that there no loophole for the defence lawyer to exploit.

    Hence, at first, it is highly imperative to understand the cause of an accident. In the case of truck accidents, the reasons are mainly: 

    1. Negligence of the truck driver
    2. Wrong or faulty machine

    So, to file a case, you need to understand who or what caused the accident. Our investigators go out of the way and beyond to collect all necessary evidence. They conduct a diligent black-box investigation to gather critical evidence. So, you see, by hiring our lawyers, you can put your case in the position to win. 



    Don't Settle for an Inadequate Compensation Amount

    Keeping in mind the fact that the accident might have a massive impact on your mental and physical health, make sure you don’t settle for a less amount. There are a lot of legalities involved in claiming the right insurance amount. The insurance companies will try to give you the minimum possible amount, citing various reasons. Don’t step in their tap and allow our truck accident lawyer to deal with them. They have vast experience in this matter and will fight tirelessly to get you what you deserve.

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      Whom To Sue To Get What You Rightfully Deserve?

      There have been a lot of cases wherein the victim has filed a complaint to sue the truck driver or company without any satisfactory result. Now, you need to understand why. Truck accidents are dangerous, but the culprit might not be who you think. It could be:


      • The company owns the truck involved in an accident.
      • The company might have hired contractors to transport their goods from one place to another.
      • The company might have hired independent truck drivers to transport their goods in exchange for some remuneration.

      All these cases are different and will hold other parties liable. So before taking any legal step, call us for a free consultation. Our senior lawyers will thoroughly evaluate your case and help you understand who could be responsible and why.

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      It’s your legal right to demand compensation for the incurred damages and losses. Don’t hesitate to reach out for legal assistance. The L. Clayton Burgess law firm is just a call away to help you in every possible way legally. We with our esteemed truck accident lawyers in Hazlehurst take your concern as our own and look into thoroughly to protect your rights.

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